Project Zephyr

Four Shore Entertainment is a new Toronto based company currently developing Project Zephyr (working title). Read about our game and join us on our journey through indie development.

Discover the dynamic environments of Project Zephyr

The world of Project Zephyr is built from the ground up with exploration in mind, discover how the environment dynamically changes as you swap the seasons, jumping and puzzling your way through the sprawling levels and their obstacles.

Control is in your hands

Take control over the four seasons of the game world; grow plants, freeze lakes, and more. Use this ability to solve environmental puzzles and complete platforming challenges.

How It Plays

Project Zephyr is a 3rd Person Puzzle Platformer that combines familiar platformer mechanics with emergent gameplay based on interacting with a dynamic game environment. We are putting a big emphasis on fluid character movement.

The story so far…

We are four team members passionate about making unique, dynamic, and beautiful games. We hope you have just as much fun playing them as we have making them! We have had the opportunity of showing our game at past events such as Level Up and the CNE’s Gaming Garage.

The Dev Team

Dylan North | Artist
Wil Fisher | Artist
Stefan Latychev | Programmer
Mike Orzechowski | Programmer

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